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Urban Roasters

Decaf Columbian Coffee Beans

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A great option if you’re wanting to reduce your caffeine intake but still want to drink delicious coffee!

  • Region: Colombia.
  • Cupping notes: A mixture of tart berry acidity and sweet chocolate, with a rich full body.

Urban Roasters decaffeinated coffee is sourced from Colombia and is processed by a specialised “combination procedure” utilising water and ethyl acetate derived from sugar cane molasses.

Ethyl acetate is an ester that is found naturally in several fruits and vegetables in Manizales which is known for its many sugar cane plantations, making great use of a local product. Ethyl acetate’s low boiling point enables a gentle caffeine extraction from the coffee bean, while pressure or excessive heat treatment are avoided and the natural structure of the green coffee bean cells are retained.