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Urban Roasters

Honduras Coffee Beans

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Our Honduras coffee bean is sourced from the Francis Garcia Estate.

  • Origin: Honduras, growing altitude is around 1800 metres above sea level.
  • Cupping notes: Candied Strawberry and Apricots with a big syrupy body.

        Urban Roasters Honduras coffee bean is sourced from the Estate of producer Francis Garcia located in the town of Agua Fria in the San Sebastian district of the Lempira region in Honduras.

        With harvests generally taking place from December to March, the coffee undergoes an 18 – 24 hr fermentation before drying on raised beds. The farm was planted 10 years ago with 500 plants. Today the farm has 13 acres planted with coffee.

        Our Honduras coffee bean is ideal for filter based coffees and really shines when a gentle extraction is achieved. But, it still holds its own as espresso or with milk for those chasing that sweeter flavour profile.