About The Markets Wanniassa

The Markets Wanniassa is a family run collective of handmade and Australian innovative products showcased under one roof, providing customers with a streamlined shopping experience, and the ability to support numerous small businesses in one hit!

Being a small business owner designing and creating items from children’s clothing to jewellery, Fiona (Owner of The Markets Wanniassa) was drawn to the idea of having a permanent space to sell her products. Being part of the local market circuit for a number of years she also recognized the enormous and diverse range of talented folk who were also looking for an outlet to showcase their creations.

A snap decision to contact the owner of an empty retail space to rent for markets on weekends, snowballed within days to signing a three week lease to trial Fiona’s concept. The positive response to the store was far beyond any expectations, with local shoppers supporting the venture with both words of encouragement AND putting their money where their mouth was! Opening to the public on 3rd December 2016 with 10 local artists, it grew within weeks to stocking 22 artists and Fiona committing to a three year lease!

Originally named “Shop Wanniassa” during the three week trial, the store has been renamed “The Markets Wanniassa” to better represent the tone and feel within the store – a permanently erected Market! With husband James jumping on board, The Markets Wanniassa is absolutely a family affair, you will often see one or two of Fiona and James’ 9 children floating around the shop!

The retail space underwent extensive renovations and reopened its doors as a permanent retail store on Tuesday 14 March 2017, with 30+ local and Australian designer/creators filling its shelves. The extensive range of products include soaps, candles, clothing, baby locally produced tea, local artwork, jewellery, and baby products just to name a few! Forever evolving and welcoming new designers to the shop, you will find new things to amaze you every time you come by!

Conveniently located in ‘Wanniassa Central’ Shopping Centre, with free parking close by, and just a roundabout away from main roads Athlon Drive and Drakeford Drive, supporting local businesses and buying handmade/Australian products just got a whole lot easier!