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Random Harvest

Twin Carry Case Gift Packs

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Caramelised Balsamics

2 Sweet Sticky Caramelised Vinegars, amazing over hot & cold meats, salads and desserts !

  • 250ml Caramelised Balsamic.
  • 250ml Caramelised Fig, Honey & Vanilla.

Dress To Impress 

2 delicious dressings which can also be used to marinate or drizzle over meats and seafood!

  • 250ml Spicy Mango & Chilli Dressing.
  • 250ml Australian Honey Seeded Mustard Dressing.

Meat Lovers

2 delicious sauces that make the best compliment to meat!

  • 250ml Spicy Tomato & Caramelised Onion Sauce
  • 250ml Smoke & Pepper Barbeque Sauce

Infused Olive Oils

2 Infused Olive Oils which can be used to marinate proteins or to drizzle over your favourite pasta or salad!

  • 250ml Garlic & Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • 250ml Chilli & Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil.