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Sticky Balsamic

Sticky Balsamic - Raspberry

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Sticky Balsamic Premium Raspberry is a product like no other. Only recently released, it has already won many medals! Use Sticky Balsamic Premium Raspberry with crustaceans such as prawns, as a salad dressing, with cheese, and also with desserts like pavlova. You’ll never go back! Perfect for every pantry, or as a gift.

Crustaceans - Drizzle a little of this incredible raspberry balsamic vinegar over crustaceans like prawns for an incredible tangy taste sensation

Salads - This raspberry balsamic glaze is perfect to use with all types of salads, it has an amazing raspberry taste which is paired with the glorious balsamic flavour - delicious.

Cheese - Drizzle a little Sticky Balsamic Premium Raspberry over a wheel of cheese, or have some in a bowl with a spoon to place directly on your tower of cheese just prior to eating

Desserts - Use with desserts such as pavlova to cut through the cream a little, or simply on some ice cream for a taste sensation

Made in Australia