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Sticky Balsamic

Sticky Balsamic - Lemon

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Sticky Balsamic Lemon is perfect to use with seafood, terrine, vegetables and summer fruits. Combine this with being gluten and dairy free, and you have the perfect sauce!

Seafood - Imagine your seafood marinated in this delicious lemon balsamic vinegar, how amazing! Or drizzle it over seafood; you can also dip seafood into Sticky Balsamic Lemon - imagine prawns dipped in this taste sensation!

Terrine - drizzle Sticky Balsamic Lemon over terrine for an enhanced taste

Vegetables - enhance the flavour of your vegetables by frying them briefly in this lemon balsamic sauce after cooking. Alternatively drizzle some over the vegetables after cooking for an incredible flavour

Summer Fruits - perfectly accompany the fruit you love, drizzle Sticky Balsamic Lemon over or simply dip fruit in to this delicious lemon balsamic glaze. Perfect, clean, delicious!

Made in Geelong