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Sticky Balsamic

Sticky Balsamic - Orange

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Sticky Balsamic Orange is perfect to use with game meats including duck, rabbit, quail and chicken, as well as desserts and salads. And the good news is that it is gluten and dairy free too!

Game meats - rub this delicious orange balsamic dressing all over the meat as a marinade prior to cooking to provide an enhanced, delicious flavour, and continue to baste while cooking. Remember to drizzle some Sticky Balsamic Orange over the meat when ready for serving!

Desserts - Gorgeous as an accompaniment, drizzled over cakes, or as a sauce for fruit. We love Sticky Balsamic Orange drizzled over ice cream topped with a warm chocolate brownie

Salads - This orange balsamic is excellent to use as a dressing for salads either on its own or partnered with olive oil

Made in Geelong