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Tiny Moons

Candle Tin - Large Black - Naughty

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Copper Moon has a beautiful range of candles created in the Canberra local region, Presented with style, they make a great gift, for you or someone else!

The Black Label Candles come with a bit of a naughty twist.. AND they smell divine, win win!

*** Warning, swearing ahead****

Moist - Rainwater & Petrichor

Birthday Cock/Cake - Chocolate Mud Cake

Calm the Fuck Down - Lavender & Ylang Ylang

You're Awesome - Lychee & Peony

Friendship - Black Raspberry

My Last Fuck - Sandalwood & Saffron

My Fuckoffee - Roasted Coffee Beans & robust notes of fuckery

Day Drinking  - Champagne & Pomegranate

What the Fucculent - Cactus Flower & Lemon

Dad Jokes - Oakmoss & Amber